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We are strong proponents of responsible sourcing and through a sustainable partnership with our vendor, we believe we can create a supply chain system that focuses on improving working and environmental conditions for factory employees around the country.

  • Dedicated compliance teams specializing in vendor factory audits. Our teams conduct pre-audit, support the factory management to resolve non-compliant issues, and train staff at vendor location.
  • Our teams effectively interface between the brands and vendors to improve the overall level of compliance in factories.
  • Dedicated teams to conduct surprise checks and ensure implementation of “Zero Tolerance Policy”.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We have a clear zero tolerance policy regarding.

  • Child labor.
  • Forced labor.
  • Harassment and Abuse in any form.
  • Unauthorized subcontracting.
  • Failure to provide access to auditors.
  • Shared building unless approved by Head of Compliance or factory located in building which has shops/markets.
  • Any unethical practice.