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We have delegated Merchandising team lead by Merchandising Managers. Our Merchandising team is used to direct communication with the buyer/customer to understand their needs. Their responsibilities vary from one merchandiser to another but in general, our Merchandising team is responsible from taking order to final shipment of goods. Merchandising team is responsible to source the trim and necessary accessories, Fabric for production, prepare a Time and Action plan to ensure the shipments on right time. A part of above all of our merchandiser is used to visit factory once in a week to know the newness, identified and make sure all the production is on-time. We provide the best profit bonus to Merchandising team who have maintain the year on year business growth and maintain the on-time shipment.

Technical Support

  • Developing and Grading Measurement charts.
  • Pattern making and checking.
  • Pre-check of sample before dispatched to Buyer.
  • Pre-factory visit before on-board a new factory and keep follow up.
  • In Line inspection and make corrective action plan.
  • Pre-final inspection.

Quality & Excellence

Our mission is to deliver every time product and services of high quality that offer delight to the customer.We do this by living our motto of ‘Quality Comes First’ at every stage of the production process to ensure total product superiority in terms of appearance, physical and chemical safety as well as strict compliance to requirement.

We achieve product integrity by building quality into all our processes from its inception thereby imbibing it for both the company and as individuals. We strive to do it ‘Right First Time, Every Time’ starting from design concept to product delivery to the final customer.

Teams are earmarked for quality assurance and control through process and product integrity and safety starting from concept to product. International bench-marked modern technologies, assurance and control techniques are constantly being implemented on shop floor and materials management.

Quality control and assurance is imbibed into the working environment starting from shop floor techniques, product integrity, Raw materials, Work in progress and finished goods and even customer service.

Research & Development

  • Searching new markets.
  • Development of new customers.
  • Development new product for all customers.
  • Marketing and sales of the products.

Supply Chain Management

The transparency and visibility is most important for us. Our supply chain management is associate with suppliers for many years that have vertical facilities and compliance with modern quality standard like ISO9001, Wrap, BSCI and Oeko Tex Certificates. Our supply chain is linked together through physical flows and information flows. Physical flows involve the transformation, movement, and storage of goods and materials.

Design & Product Development

At RAI FASHION along with our customers, we have set high benchmarks for quality and time to market in the supply chain industry. Our vendors form the foundation of our supply chain network, and we have instituted global quality metrics, which we constantly encourage our vendors to adopt and follow.

  • Learn manufacturing training for factories to bring down lead times and improve time to market operation.
  • Our in-house product development, design, sampling, and technical teams support our vendors in complex manufacturing operation, bulk production and provide on the line training.
  • We also have in-house and finishing experts who handhold factories engaged in bulk production to ensure compliance and maintain finishing standards.